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From the Center

Christina Ballantyne, Sofía Fernández Díaz, Rose Dickson, Hunter Foster, Judith Geichman, Jasper Goodrich, Sam Jaffe, Deanna Miera, olivier, Leah Ke Yi Zheng


Curated by Noelle Africh


August 5, 2022

THE PLAN is proud to present, From the Center, a group exhibition curated by Noelle Africh featuring painting, drawing, and sculpture works that focus on addressing the center of the object, picture plane, surface, and image. By bringing together works that address the center, this show seeks to identify a wide range of possibilities in and around this basic compositional and formal element. This exhibition poses questions around what kind of momentum can a room of paintings and sculptures addressing the center create? What does it mean for multiple centers to exist simultaneously? What is the potential for the center to function as a hole, a vanishing point, a target, a void, a UFO, an exit, an entry, a position, a force, etc.? Can the center create both distance and intimacy simultaneously? Is the center something shared? How can the center be renegotiated formally, spatially, contextually, optically, materially, socially?

Photography by Mikey Mosher

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